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Who Swings?

Anyone and everyone can be a swinger. Swingers are not defined by race, social class or religion, nor by age, as long as they are over the legal age of consent.

Swingers we have met over the years have come from every walk of life. Judges and politicians, Priests, Teachers and headmasters, Financiers, Diplomats, TV personalities, Sportsmen and women, dustmen, plumbers, electricians, military personnel, Newspaper reporters and editors, newspaper owners. Basically everyone is represented, from across every profession and every race and every religion.

Most swingers do not discriminate against others on grounds of age, colour, religion or class. However everyone has the right to choose who they want to play with, as if there is no attraction there will be no enjoyment.

Professional research carried out in 1974 suggested that about 10% of the population of the UK were involved in swinging, further research in 2005 suggests that over 25% of the adult population of the UK are now involved in swinging.

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